Cute they may be, but they don't stay this size for very long.  Labrador Retrievers are big dogs and need proper training and exercise to lead happy and fulfilled lives.  Expect to be asked questions about your home and lifestyle before we will agree to sell you one of our puppies

Our latest litter

Candy Clara and her pups

Puppies will be wormed and will have had their first vaccinations by the time they are ready to go home at about 8 weeks old.  New puppy parents will be given lots of advice about the care and feeding of the puppy, together with a 'puppy pack' containing lots of useful information.  It is usually a good idea to purchase some of the puppy's usual food from us to reduce the likelihood of tummy-upsets in the first days at home. The puppy will need to have a second set of vaccinations before it can be taken out for short walks. 

Frances will be happy to provide support and advice for the first few days after you take your new puppy home.



We currently have 3 black puppies, two bitches and one dog, born to Buckholt Candy Clara who are now 12 weeks old.  They have had both sets of puppy vaccinations and are ready for new homes.

For further details, or to arrange a time to meet the pups, please either call Frances or e-mail your details.

01227 700643

07885 800843.